Rain overnight Sunday but otherwise tons of sandbars

This late in the year we're seeing the usual late August water levels which means more sandbars than you'll know what to do with. The easterly winds play a little havoc with the Prairie Du Sac dam as the wind starts pushing the water around and the dam fights to keep those shifting water levels within a few inches of level. That means it's not unusual for the water levels on the river to go up 6" (or sometimes more) and then recede 6" (or more) in a 12 hour period. Basically, you should make sure your boat is pulled up at least a foot above water and keep an eye on river levels (the exact same things we always recommend you do). The weather forecast looks like Friday and Saturday will be great while a warm front moves in Saturday night kicking off some rain showers after midnight with a very small possibility of thunder/storms. Lots of clouds regardless. All in all, it could be way worse! Ryan

Rain Wednesday and Friday nights but otherwise looking good this week

Sounds like the jet stream is heading south which means we're about to get warmer with more humidity sometime this week. That also means we're going to see more rain and storms come through which has been surprisingly uncommon so far in the last month. This Wednesday night looks to be the big one with an inch of rain expected. Friday night into early Saturday morning looks like up to 1/4". With both of these storms it's extremely unlikely we'd lose enough sandbars to have to cancel trips. Historically, that would have happened twice in over 100 years. A lot of the rain that falls will be sucked up by some thirsty plants leaving less for runoff so you can generally expect water levels might go up 6" or 12" (still 1-2' below sandbar level). Peak season is now more or less over so from here on out there will be fewer people out on the water. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer! Ryan

Sweet sweet August

Water levels have dropped back near long term averages i.e. the sandbars are out in force. Long range forecast also looks excellent with only Thursday afternoon/evening having a chance of rain, everything else is sunny in the low 80s. This is downright ideal conditions. We're sold out this weekend and will likely sell out the following weekend but we're definitely coming down from peak season. While there are still a lot of people out on weekends, it's not quite what July is typically like. If you really want peace and quiet, go for a weekday camping trip or take off work on Monday and start Sunday. But really, the next 9 of 10 days look amazing. Ryan

We’re now in the month of August

Everyone says this every year but, summer is flying by. We've only got a handful of weeks left in the summer canoe camping season though people are certainly taking advantage, we've been sold out for the upcoming weekend since early July. Weather forecast could be better, but it could also be worse. Highs in the upper 70s most of the week with a few days expecting some scattered storms. At this point, Thursday looks like the worst of the next 5 days with another chance of rain Sunday. Nothing we'd cancel trips for (and water levels won't be significantly effected) but still not ideal. Pack a raincoat and pick up a few $10 tarps from your favorite big box store. It's amazing how much you don't mind rainy weather when you've got a dry place to hang out with everyone (10 man tents not withstanding). That all said, it actually looks like we'll be more dry than wet so this is more of a precaution. Happy camping! Ryan