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Update: May 24, 2017 10:37pm

It’s official, we’re canceling trips on the Wisconsin River this Memorial Day weekend due to high water. Water levels won’t be dropping far enough until Monday after this last lingering low pressure system. Unfortunate, but it happens. Looking ahead to the first June weekend, water levels should continue to drop so at this point, we expect to be running trips.

Previous Update: May 23, 2017 5:31pm

Water levels are currently peaking just above 4x our usual cutoff. As things stand we’re still on track to have waters recede enough to possibly run overnight trips on Sunday to Monday though I don’t have much confidence in that prediction yet. While we’re strongly leaning towards an outright cancellation I’m toying with the idea of allowing experienced groups to give it a go. Camping is only legal on the islands and there are a very small handful that should be above the water line. Tiny and less than ideal but they are technically campable if you can avoid the poison ivy and keep the mosquitoes at bay. It’s annoyingly still too early to know where the water levels will be but as soon as it becomes more clear, there’ll be an update.

Previous Update: May 22, 2017 9:39pm

We’re sitting right on the edge. The most recent river prediction puts us underwater on Friday and Saturday night but okay for Sunday night into Monday. This prediction also includes the rain forecasted for the next 24 hours so depending on how that goes we may see a shift in that timeline one way or another. It’s still possible the dam at Castle Rock cuts back sooner than anticipated given the reasonable weather outlook for the next 10 days but again, too soon to know. They’re about 36 hours upstream of us so Thursday morning’s readings will be pretty important.

Previous Update: May 21, 2017 7:13am

Another wet week. The graph below should be in the white (or very near it) to have any sandbars on the river and as you can tell right now, we’re not even close. The entire state has been getting rain and there’s more in the forecast which does not bode well for Memorial Day Weekend. At this point, it’s very likely we’ll have to cancel trips so if you don’t have a reservation already, I’d suggest alternative plans or dates. The river forecast below typically updates in the morning and the evening every day. If we’re lucky, one or two of the dams upstream will cut back a day early and this will be reflected in the forecast IF it happens. At this point, it could just as easily go the other way. More updates to come as the week progresses. At least kayaking on the Baraboo should be fun! (hint)


High water on the Wisconsin River

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Why We’re The Best Canoe Company Ever

The Best Equipment

Our entire fleet of 150 Discovery canoes, Manitou kayaks, and Riviera kayaks are less than 4 years old. These boats are made of a heavy duty polyethylene composite that is very quiet, doesn’t heat up in the sun like the standard aluminum boats, and are essentially indestructible. We also provide everyone with comfortable, ski-style life jackets and outfitter grade paddles.


The Best Shuttle System

We transport you upriver at the beginning of your trip where you then paddle back to your car. This way, there’s no need to fast paddle back to a shuttle only to be packed into a bus full of sweaty, sandy people for a long ride back to your car. Instead, when you go with us, you’re free to canoe the river at your own pace, and because your car is already at the end when you finish, there’s no need to wait around. You just pack up and go.


The Best Communication

Your entire reservation can be completed online, we’ll send you reminder emails, give you waterproof maps to take on the river, and if something goes wrong, we have staff on the emergency line 24 hours a day. In the meantime, we are always available via phone, email, text message, and facebook – even twitter if that’s your thing (but really, please don’t use twitter). You can also check our current (literally up to the second) availability when planning your trip and get a guarantee that we’ll have every single one of your boats ready and waiting for you on the shuttle you’ve chosen for the days you’ve reserved.


The Best Atmosphere

Wisconsin Canoe is a bunch of kids living the dream and avoiding the real world. We’re out on the water having fun, same as our customers, which means we tend to be very laid back and approachable. If you have a question or you’re unsure of something, we’ll help and probably won’t even judge you.



What Our Customers Say

Everything about our trip was excellent, and Wisconsin Canoe Company lived up to their website’s claim. The canoes were in excellent condition, all of the equipment was well-maintained, the shuttle was exactly on time and we were on the river within ten minutes of being dropped off. I’ve canoed with my own equipment on the James and Roanoke rivers in Virginia, and honestly I would rather enjoy the convenience of such a well-run rental and shuttle. They even welcomed our yellow lab on the canoe and shuttle, and she had a wonderful day out on the river. These are great folks that love their job!

Keith Brick

What a great experience with Wisconsin Canoe Company. I have rented from a lot of other day trip places on the Wisconsin River and this place is by far the best. The online reservation system was so nice, the canoes were great, the bus was clean and the staff was friendly. Can’t say enough great things. Won’t even think about researching another place in the future; will go right to this place.

Sara Ward-Cassidy

Excellent service, friendly staff, easy to use online site and simple instructions. My friends and I took an overnight during the weekend of the 4th and absolutely loved it! The entire experience was hassle-free and totally relaxing. Definitely a repeat on my bucket list! Thanks WCC! Long live Big Burrito

Lesly Boey

Behind the Scenes

Ryan Schmudlach

Given his degree in Economics from UW-Madison, it was inevitable that Ryan would be put to use on the business side of the canoe operation. Doing fancy things with spreadsheets is a secret passion for someone that is more often found miles from civilization.

    Norah Schmudlach

    Norah is our first solution to the annual staffing shortage. While she’s got a steep learning curve ahead of her, she’s already shown progress grabbing canoe paddles and will soon be assisting Amy with check-in at the landing.

      Amy Schmudlach

      Baking extraordinaire, cancer survivor, and the nicest person you will ever meet. In between collecting life jackets and greeting customers, Amy finished her degree in Rehabilitation Psychology at UW-Madison. More importantly, she has the uncanny ability to put up with Ryan for years on end.