Shuttling Personal Boats

We don’t transport private boats on our trailers. In fact, I don’t believe anyone within 50 miles offers this service anymore (you can thank the handful of insurance companies that underwrite our industry).

That said, there is a bit of a workaround.

If you’re going on a trip with other friends that have a reservation with us, you are able to drop your personal canoe or kayak off at the starting point of your trip on the way out and then get an extra seat on the shuttle.  To do this, your friend will have to request an additional shuttle seat.  Or, you can also drop off the passengers and gear in addition to your private boat/s and send only the drivers down for the shuttle.  We actually prefer this option (saves on shuttle seats) and is also completely free for you, assuming the reservation already includes enough shuttle seats (2 per canoe, 1 per kayak). I call that a win-win.

Not going with a group of friends?

You can book a seat on the bus using the reservation form below.  Because this isn’t part of an existing group you’ll need to pay the minimum shuttle fee ($2.50/river mile) but it guarantees you’ll get where you need to go.  If you’re booking enough seats to get above the minimum shuttle fee they’ll revert to the usual $20/seat.  Just remember, you’ll need to drop off your boats at your trip starting point before catching the shuttle.  If you come to Peck’s Landing in Spring Green with a canoe or a kayak, you’re gonna have a bad time.  Details on our trip starting points can be found here.

For everyone else renting a boat with us, regular shuttle service for you and your camping gear is included in the price of any canoe and kayak rental.

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