Shuttle Only

As of September 2015, we can no longer offer private boat shuttle service on our routes.  If you’re looking for someone to shuttle your personal canoe or kayak, you can try the following companies:

Wisconsin River Outings in Sauk City/Boscobel – (608) 375-5300

Blackhawk Riverruns in Mazomanie – (608) 643-6724

If you’re going on a trip with other friends that have a reservation with us, you are able to drop your equipment off at the starting point of your trip on the way out and then get an extra seat on the shuttle.  To do this, your friend will have to request an additional shuttle seat.  Fair warning, anyone that asks us about private transport will be told it is no longer offered so make sure there is an existing reservation and only ask to add a shuttle seat.

Regular shuttle service will continue to be included in the price of any canoe and kayak rental.