Driving Directions

Wisconsin Canoe company shuttleWe strongly recommend groups of 6 or more people swing by their trip starting point to drop off all passengers and gear on their way out to Spring Green for the shuttle.  After dropping passengers and gear off at Arena, Mazomanie, or Prairie Du Sac, the drivers will continue on to Spring Green where cars are parked at the finish point and Wisconsin Canoe shuttles them back upriver to the waiting group.

In our experience, the 15 minute detour to the start point is more than made up for by the faster shuttle times because your drivers are able to park and immediately jump in our vehicles to get back to start the trip.  The alternative is that we all wait for everyone to unload gear from the cars and reload the gear back into our buses before re-unloading again at the landings upstream.  If there’s a downside it’s that your friends are going to be sitting around waiting for you to get back which can feel a lot longer that it is. But if your group is on top of things, more often than not we’ve already got the boats upstream so they can pack and organize canoes which means you get on the water even faster after drivers finish the shuttle.

And because everyone asks – yes, you are allowed to crack open your beers and pull out the camp chairs while waiting, just make sure you’re not blocking access to the river and you’re not leaving garbage at the landing.

One last tip: whatever happens, do not speed through the town of Arena.  The speed limit may only drop 10 mph in town but every single weekend there is almost always one or two speed traps (usually at the top of the small hill near the water tower).  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that at least one customer a week gets pulled over in Arena – you’ve been warned.

Cell service can be spotty – save these directions ahead of time!

Dropping off Wisconsin Canoe Company group at Prairie Du Sac launch on the Wisconsin River