Our Location

Our operations yard (fancy term for a cornfield we park busses in) is located at E4440 Hwy 14, Spring Green, WI on the north side of the highway near the intersection of Pearl Rd.  But that’s not important.  What’s important is that you know all of our shuttles depart from Peck’s Landing where Hwy 23 crosses the Wisconsin River 3 miles south of Spring Green.  This is where you’ll park your cars, load up into our shuttles, and begin your trip.

Travel times are only 3 hours from Chicago, 2.5 hours from Milwaukee, and 50 minutes from Madison. Get directions through google maps below or click here for directions right to the parking lot.

How our shuttles work – The major benefit for your group is that once the shuttle is complete, you’re free to cruise the river on your time.  No pick up times have to be made, no waiting around for us to come get you, no late fees for not making it downriver if a big wind kicks up, and no cramming into a van with a bunch of other sunburned, sandy people.  Instead, pull up the boats, load your car, turn on the A/C, and get to a shower.

If you have more than 6 people in the group, please drop off all passengers and gear at the landing your trip starts at while drivers only continue on to catch the shuttle back upriver in Spring Green (this helps the shuttle process go significantly faster).