Rain Wednesday and Friday nights but otherwise looking good this week

Sounds like the jet stream is heading south which means we’re about to get warmer with more humidity sometime this week. That also means we’re going to see more rain and storms come through which has been surprisingly uncommon so far in the last month. This Wednesday night looks to be the big one with an inch of rain expected. Friday night into early Saturday morning looks like up to 1/4″.

With both of these storms it’s extremely unlikely we’d lose enough sandbars to have to cancel trips. Historically, that would have happened twice in over 100 years. A lot of the rain that falls will be sucked up by some thirsty plants leaving less for runoff so you can generally expect water levels might go up 6″ or 12″ (still 1-2′ below sandbar level).

Peak season is now more or less over so from here on out there will be fewer people out on the water. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!