Rain overnight Sunday but otherwise tons of sandbars

This late in the year we’re seeing the usual late August water levels which means more sandbars than you’ll know what to do with. The easterly winds play a little havoc with the Prairie Du Sac dam as the wind starts pushing the water around and the dam fights to keep those shifting water levels within a few inches of level. That means it’s not unusual for the water levels on the river to go up 6″ (or sometimes more) and then recede 6″ (or more) in a 12 hour period. Basically, you should make sure your boat is pulled up at least a foot above water and keep an eye on river levels (the exact same things we always recommend you do).

The weather forecast looks like Friday and Saturday will be great while a warm front moves in Saturday night kicking off some rain showers after midnight with a very small possibility of thunder/storms. Lots of clouds regardless. All in all, it could be way worse!