We’re now in the month of August

Everyone says this every year but, summer is flying by. We’ve only got a handful of weeks left in the summer canoe camping season though people are certainly taking advantage, we’ve been sold out for the upcoming weekend since early July.

Weather forecast could be better, but it could also be worse. Highs in the upper 70s most of the week with a few days expecting some scattered storms. At this point, Thursday looks like the worst of the next 5 days with another chance of rain Sunday. Nothing we’d cancel trips for (and water levels won’t be significantly effected) but still not ideal. Pack a raincoat and pick up a few $10 tarps from your favorite big box store. It’s amazing how much you don’t mind rainy weather when you’ve got a dry place to hang out with everyone (10 man tents not withstanding). That all said, it actually looks like we’ll be more dry than wet so this is more of a precaution.

Happy camping!