Weather Outlook

With a beautiful weekend comes a rough week. Monday through Thursday there are expected to be some thunderstorms. 

Ill try and break this one up and simplify the forecast.

Monday: Thunderstorms are expected to pop up in the morning around 10am and persist until about 2-3pm. Then another bout of storms are expected to come through later in the evening and persist through the majority of the night. Not looking like very optimal weather for river trips. If you have a trip scheduled for Monday and don't want to get caught in storms, send us an email or text and we can reschedule your trip.

Tuesday: As of right now, the forecast is a little up in the air on whether or not we'll be getting storms. It looks like a good chance of scattered storms but of course it is difficult to say for sure with midwest forecasts.

Wednesday-Thursday: Storms once again are forecasted for both of these days. The forecasts for these days will be highly dependent on how the previous days of the weeks will pan out. 

We will continue to update throughout the week on the upcoming forecasts. I expect them to change as the days progress so it is hard to say exactly how Tuesday-Thursday will pan out. Keep coming back to the front page for updates.

Below is a link for the forecast discussion for this week if you would like to read more on conditions.



Weekend Outlook

Whats up Wiscanoers!!!

Its looking like we'll be getting some pretty good weather for this weekend. Partly cloudy and mid 80 degree weather for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The river is at perfect levels for maximum sandbars so there will be no shortage of places to camp. All the bad weather looks like it will be coming on the weekdays next week so, until then, nothing to worry about! Can't wait to get you all out on the river!