Weekend Update

Low river level..... Sunny skies.... Low 80's.... No rain in the forecast..... What more could you ask for?! 

Excited to get you all out on the river this weekend! 

Weekly Update

Congratulations to the canoers who made it through Saturday's 1am surprise storm! The good news is the next week will be sunny and low 80's. Perfect weather for some river adventures. So far the river level hasn't moved too much but we will continue to keep an eye on it throughout the week to see if the storm had any impact. So far we're looking good!

Weekend Weather Update

It looks like we have a good chance of some storms Saturday night. If you are planning on heading out on the river for an overnight tomorrow, make sure you read up on river safety and storm safety at the "trip planning" tab at the top of the page. Come prepared! It looks like the majority of tomorrow will be sunny and hot. Storms look like they might pop up around 7pm tomorrow and last for a couple hours. Make sure to weigh down your camping gear and canoe equipment to prevent them from blowing away in strong winds. 

If you want to read more in depth forecast discussion you can go to this link --> https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=MKX&issuedby=MKX&product=AFD&format=ci&version=1&glossary=1

Feel free to send us emails or text messages if you have any questions regarding your trip!

Weekend Weather Update

So far, not much has changed in the forecast. It still looks as if thunderstorms will be possible on Saturday evening and we'll taper off by late Saturday night. The severity and location of these storms is still up in the air. The forecast discussion says that storms could start up as far northwest as the Minneapolis area or could start as far southeast as the Wisconsin Dells area. Where and when these storms develop will be the main factor in the kind of weather we get Saturday night. Hopefully the forecast will be more concrete tomorrow. Keep checking back for updates.

If you are heading out on the river this weekend make sure you read up on river safety and storm safety. You can read up on this under the "trip planning" tab at the top of the page. Make sure you are prepared and bring the right gear! 

Week/Weekend Weather Update

So far it looks as if the weather will be cooperating for Wednesday-Friday. However, it looks like we have a possibility of some rain/storms later Saturday night. The forecast is still wishy-washy so I we will continue to monitor the weather and post updates. 

Weekend Weather Update

Looks like the bad weather has come and gone for this weekend! Saturday looks a little cloudy and Sunday looks mostly sunny. Excited to get you all on the river!

Weekend Outlook

After a long stretch of great weather, we've finally got some rain in the forecast. Currently, it looks as if we will be getting some decently heavy rain fall early in the morning on Friday. The storm chance in the morning is mild, and right now it only points to heavy rain. There is a possibility for storms to develop later in the afternoon on Friday as well but it is very speculative at this time. If you have a trip planned and you will be out on the river Friday I suggest you plan for some heavy rain and read up on weather and river safety under our "trip planning" tab at the top of this page. The rest of the weekend looks like it will be a lot better and I don't anticipate the river levels to rise very much from Fridays rain. 

Below is the forecast discussion for our area on Friday

the main shortwave is a
little further back and expected to spawn a MCS over the Dakotas
this evening that will likely ride the moisture axis towards
central and southern WI Friday morning. Not expecting any strong
storms during the morning hours as profiles become moist adiabatic
and should just be very heavy rainfall producers. Looking through
the various ensemble guidance and CAM solutions there is
increasing confidence that the western half of the area will pick
up at least 1 inch of rainfall through the mid-morning hours. Due
to the PWATs being in the 95th percentile for climo and some
modest potential for training rainfall amounts could be pushing
2-3 inches from tonight through mid-day Friday in the west.
Luckily we`ve had a drier period recently and this will occur over
a longer period of time that the concern for any more widespread
flooding is low. But some minor flooding in urban areas or other
low lying areas is possible.

Then for Friday afternoon there has been a trend in latest CAMs
and other guidance that a surface low will develop in response to
the shortwave and departing MCS. A weak cold front over
central/northern WI could strengthen as the low tracks across the
area and drops south during Friday afternoon. If the morning round
of showers and storms are able to clear in time we could see a
window in the afternoon for a few stronger storms to develop as
that cold front drops south. MUCAPE values in the afternoon would
be upwards of 2,000 J/kg and deep layer shear does strengthen
during the evening so a few damaging wind gusts are possible
Friday afternoon/evening.

Weekend Update

Low river levels, Sunshine, Low 80's temps.... This weekend is going to be PERFECT for some river trips. Can't wait to get you all out there!

Weather Update

It looks as if our week of storms is behind us! The rest of the week will be cooler temps around the mid 70's low 80's and this weekend looks beautiful! River levels aren't expected to rise very much so it looks like we'll have a perfect weekend for canoe camping!

Weather Update

As the week of storms progress the forecast has changed quite a bit since yesterday. From multiple different sources, it looks as if we will get some stormy weather late in the afternoon Tuesday. However, the severity of these storms are still up in the air. Currently the forecast is predicting pretty mild rainy weather Tuesday night. The majority of Tuesday looks calm.. if you have a reservation booked for Tuesday, I would prepare for rain accordingly. We will keep an eye on the forecast to see if anything changes but as of now it doesn't look terrible for some canoeing!