Weather Update

The midwest does what the midwest does. Overnight the forecast changed from just early morning storms, to scattered storms throughout most of the day and chance of more storms this evening. Were are expected to receive quite a nit of rain throughout the day. Because of this, if you have a reservation for today and don’t want to brave the elements, we can reschedule your trip for a later date or send a refund out. If you aren’t afraid of the forecast, we will still send you out.

Below is a more in depth analysis of todays weather:

Showers and storms have develops across northern and eastern Iowa
early this morning heading toward Wisconsin. This complex of
storms are developing along an axis of mid level moisture
advection and frontogenesis. The low level jet is playing a big
role in the development of these storms early this morning. CAM`s
have been persistent this morning showing showers and storms
moving into and developing across southwestern Wisconsin around
daybreak. As the storms continue to push eastward they are
expected to weaken. This is in large part due to the weakening low
level jet and some increased capping near the lakeshore.

As we head into the evening there is still a highly conditional
chance for some additional showers and thunderstorm to develop
along the cold front. CAPE will be low around 500 J/kg or less
with weak forcing. Under better conditions this would be enough to
generate some stronger storms, but this CAPE potential is largely
dependent on how quickly clouds can clear out this morning (ie
diurnal driven). Even with the best case scenario on clearing,
there is little in the way of upper level support. With the low
and skinny CAPE profiles and some low level capping/inversions to
overcome, any storms that due develop are expected to be
elevated. Despite all of this there will be some modest deep layer
shear, so any storms that can sustain an updraft could bring some
gusty winds. The short and sweet of it here, is there is a chance
for some isolated to widely scattered storms this afternoon and
evening so keep an eye on the weather today.