Uncertain Outlook

Monday morning update:

Water levels are continuing to recede. It’s a little tight today and tomorrow but we’ll start getting some more breathing room by Wednesday and that should get us to the start of the weekend. Beyond that, still questionable. It depends almost entirely on what happens with the rain tomorrow (Tuesday). The current forecast is calling for up to .75″ of rain statewide. We’d normally be able to handle that in July without a problem but it’s still pretty wet up north and what falls up north tomorrow is what will reach us this weekend so we’ll just have to see what happens. Hoping to have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen this weekend by Wednesday evening.

On the bright side, other than tomorrow, the extended forecast looks fantastic for warm temps, relatively gentle winds, and lots of sun.

Saturday afternoon update:

Water levels will recede enough that we can start running overnight rips again beginning Monday.  The caveat here is that the long term weather forecast is a little unsettled and up north has already gotten some rain.  Since we haven’t had a chance to really dry out, it won’t take a ton of rain to drive water levels back up despite getting into peak summer when water levels have historically been less of an issue.  Of course those historic levels don’t account for climate change which has had a brutal and worsening impact on us over the past few years (midwest storms get bigger, drop more water, have more flooding).

I’ll have a few updates this week as things start to shake out.  -Ryan