The Bridge is Out

No word on how long it’ll take to fix the approach but for the foreseeable future, plan to get to Spring Green via Hwy 12/60 through Sauk City or Hwy 151/23 through Dodgeville. Hwy 14 is out.


Quick update: I forgot we still have to be able to get you on the river once you get to us. Currently our only accessible landing is PDS. Mazomanie looks to be out of the picture for at least a day or two. Arena may or may not be accessible in the next few hours. We’ve made backup plans with the trips going out today and will update if we need to move everyone to alternate landings through the rest of the week via text/email. Hwy 14 is completely impassable between Black Earth and the entire town of Mazomanie.



Last night brought record breaking rains to the area between Spring Green and Madison – up to 13″ in a matter of hours. One of the tributaries of the Wisconsin, Black Earth Creek, peaked at it’s highest level in recorded history. Actually, that’s an assumption at this point since the water is so high it’s gone above and beyond what the USGS gauge can measure.

Luckily for us, this rain was fairly localized and will not affect the Wisconsin River or it’s sandbars beyond a temporary 6-12″ of water rise and we’ve got plenty of capacity to handle that so no need to worry about trips being cancelled. What may be tricky is the road closures between us and Madison. The majority of you would be traveling down Hwy 14 however it’s currently closed in a number of places. I’ve heard rumors of at least one washed out bridge but it hasn’t been confirmed. Mostly there are trees and standing water so I’m optimistic the highway will be open at least by this weekend if not later today (pending something catastrophic like a bridge out).

For now, I’d recommend keeping an eye on for up to minute updates. If Hwy 14 is still closed, you can head south on 151 out of Madison through Verona and Dodgeville, then up Hwy 23 to the landing (shouldn’t add more than 10 minutes to the drive).