canoe camping on the wisconsin river

The 4th of July Week Ahead

The outlook for this weekend is pretty phenomenal.  I’m giving it a preliminary 9 out of 10.  Highs in the mid 80s, crisp nights in the low 60s.  Sunny with essentially 0% chance of rain and light winds out of the south (i.e. not headwinds).  Water levels have been dropping like crazy and will continue to do so through the week. There will be about as many sandbars this weekend as there ever are, which is to say a lot.

The bad news, we’re sold out so if you haven’t already booked, sorry! We’re now into peak season (next week is also booked). That said, it’s not uncommon to have a few last minute cancellations so keep an eye on the inventory, you might get lucky.

For all of you going out during the week, there is a medium chance of rain/storms Wednesday and Thursday.  The chances are pretty sporadic and should be isolated.  We’ve got quite a bit of hot and humid weather this week before it clears out for the weekend which leaves us with an unstable atmosphere. No big disturbances are expected (thus the low odds) but it won’t take much to kick off a small localized storm.  Basically, don’t change your plans, but also be ready for a little thunder shower during the day.