Sep 21-22 Weekend Outlook

Update: 9/19 8:55am

We’re right on the edge of our threshold for sending out trips Saturday and if we didn’t have rain right now, I’d say it’s on. But since it is raining, I have to err on the side of caution and officially cancel trips. 

Really wanted to get out? Water levels out of the dams upstream are dropping as expected so if you don’t mind the rain and keep an eye on the river, you could still get out there. I’m guessing less than 10 people camping on the river this weekend so the few sandbars that will be well out of the water are likely to be yours for the taking.


Our high water is receding though it’s unclear if it will go down fast enough to get trips out this weekend.  Keep an eye on the graph below – we want to see levels below 13.5′ on Friday to send out trips Saturday. There will be a warm unstable airmass in place starting Thursday through the weekend and conditions will really depend on whether or not any heavy rainstorms come out of it since we’ll be pretty close to our limit.  

On the bright side, while the forecast calls for chance of scattered storms/rain over the weekend, total precipitation is currently under an inch with highs in the 70s.