Sandbars are coming…Tuesday

No luck this time around. Water levels will stay high through the Memorial Day weekend and quickly start dropping Monday into Tuesday. Locally, we’ll have a lot of rain all day Friday so Tuesday might slip into Wednesday but everything north of us looks good and that’s where we get into problems as the watershed funnels down into our stretch of river. Long story short, this weekend is shot for canoe camping trips but next weekend is looking probable.

We still have day trips going out though it’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll be in the boat pretty much all day as the sandbars will be underwater. The silver lining is that you’re able to paddle into the trees and down back channels of the river that aren’t normally accessible. Either way, if you plan to head out on the river this weekend, you should have some basic paddling skills – I wouldn’t recommend this as your first time.

The graph below will continue to update with the most recent river forecast. We aim to be under 13.5′ and we’ve got a 12-24 hour lag as the water travels from this gauge to our location downstream.