Pretty great weekend ahead

With one mediocre exception, this weekend is looking pretty great.  Highs in the low 90s with 50% cloud cover so plenty warm enough to swim but not so much sun you feel like you’re gonna melt (but still bring sunscreen).  There’s next to no chance of rain/storms and the sandbars are out in force.  I was out overnight last weekend which was about as busy as this weekend will be and there was tons of space between groups.

The one downside to watch for this weekend is an increasing west/southwest wind.  This’ll be a headwind with expected winds of 10mph on Saturday and 15mph on Sunday.  I don’t get nervous until we hit 20mph but certainly you’ll have to work at making forward progress early in the afternoon when they start to pick up.  For tips on how to handle headwinds, I highly recommend reading Tips on How to Handle Wind