Nice while it lasted!

It’s a breezy one today. Gusts to 30mph – the kind of wind you hunker down in and wait for the evening calm to make any progress. Luckily, it calms down Saturday and Sunday with light winds from the South (less helpful) turning East (very helpful).

The biggest event of the weekend will be the solidifying chances of a storm rolling through around 4-6pm Saturday evening. Storms are expected to be isolated and variable. There’s no risk of widespread severe weather but with the uncertainty of the front, it may build a bit bigger than expected so good bet to watch the weather radar. Either way, the front will push all of the wet/warm weather south into Illinois by Sunday morning and any strong storms should be over in an hour or two. Total rain accumulation is still around 1/4″. [Reminder: We don’t cancel for storms/rain but if you’re going out on a day trip tomorrow (Saturday), check the weather radar in the morning – if it looks like something you don’t want to spend the better part of the day in, send us a message by 7am and we’ll issue full credit to come back another time]

Now for the bad news. A sizeable rainstorm up north today and more rain in the forecast has pushed river predictions up into no sandbar territory starting around Monday afternoon and lasting through the week. Too soon to know if it’ll come down for the weekend as it could go either way at the moment and a lot of these numbers appear to be based on the forecast more than what’s actually fallen. Given our (lack of) luck so far this season, I’m not terribly optimistic about getting everyone out this coming weekend.