Canoe Camping on the Wisconsin River

More Spring than Summer

Sandbars are out in force this weekend as we continue to enjoy water levels not seen in years. The weather looks very spring-y though with a chance for isolated storms overnight Friday and Saturday. On the bright side, partly sunny and highs in the upper 70s during the day, and forecasted rain amounts under 1/10th of an inch Saturday and Sunday (bring rain gear to be ensure it won’t rain).

Bugs are dying off and much more manageable than they were two weeks ago and we haven’t hit peak season yet which means more of the river to yourself. The icing on the cake is that we’re in a rare east wind pattern for the next 5 days or so which basically means you can be extra lazy about your paddling as the wind and current will be working together. All in all I’d give this a weekend 7/10 rating (6 if more rain comes into the forecast).