Memorial Day Weekend Outlook

Update: The weather forecast has firmed up a bit. Looks like a strong pressure wave will be moving through our area Saturday afternoon evening bringing a few hours of showers and a line of storms. The concern for severe weather is low, up to 5% chance according to NOAA. That said, expect some wind blast ahead of any storm that pops up. Maybe read up on storm safety.

Sunday and Monday also have chances of precipitation due to the remaining hot, humid weather moving in behind Saturday’s wave. Probability is low, but it is possible something could set off a chain of storms.

Total rainfall is currently pegged at half an inch Saturday and less than a quarter inch both Sunday and Monday. Water levels will be something to watch but I don’t expect it to be a problem.

Saturday day trips may want to plan for an early afternoon finish.  Trips could also be moved later into the weekend, just let us know.

May 18, 5:01pm

Our first trips of the year start this Saturday. The weekend is looking downright hot and water levels are where we need them to be for sandbar camping (pending the impact of wet weather we had today). If there’s a downside to the weekend forecast, it’s the chance of storms popping up. Current NWS confidence is low so we’ll keep an eye on it but currently gives us a 50% chance of getting wet. I’d expect we’ll get at least one or two rolling storms but again, it will be more certain later this week.

This weekend also brings our first test of the new COVID distancing rules. If you’ve got a trip, please read your emails so you know what to expect. Passenger/gear drop off upstream is mandatory* and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I can’t let you on the bus. *Not including those with extenuating circumstances (read:kids and one adult) that have already cleared it with us.

Here’s to hoping that forecast stays warm and gets dry!

PS: To answer a lot of recent emails, yes, we are open with some limitations – all of these limitations are accounted for in our booking system. If you can book a trip, we’re running. If you can’t, we’re not.