Lots of local rain, caution needed for sandbars Saturday night through Tuesday


Update: Water levels are already back down below where we like to see them.  Everything is back on track for the week.

A ton of rain hit very close to home over the last 24 hours.  There is a lot of room for the watershed to take it but we’re still gonna get some serious runoff.  Water levels are rising and it’s unclear where/when exactly they will level off.  Friday night will be fine. Saturday night should be fine. Sunday night and Monday night are questionable but should be fine given how few people may be on the river (there will be sandbars just not a lot).

The main concern will be the continuous rise of water overnight Friday and Saturday so you will absolutely need to pull your boats way up. Tie them to the tent even. Worth checking to see where the water is over the course of the night to follow the trend and make sure you’re high enough (~12″ to be safe).

Given the circumstances and uncertainty you are more then welcome to cancel your trips with us for a full refund. Further updates likely Saturday afternoon.