Looking mighty fine

River levels are dropping quickly and as expected. We will just barely be able to squeeze trips out tomorrow (Friday) with Saturday and Sunday looking pretty good considering all of the rain that just made it’s way through the system. If the mostly dry forecast ahead holds, we should be near normal flow rates and lots of sandbars very quickly, certainly by next weekend.

For this weekend, you can check out our previous updates for the nitty gritty but as I write this, the WI Dells are passing down through 11kcfs and the dam at the start of our stretch, Prairie Du Sac, is dropping quickly through 18kcfs (was at 27kcfs six hours ago). By late tonight we should be below our threshold of 15kcfs and I’m expecting to level off around 12-13kcfs Saturday morning through Sunday (1.5kcfs or so higher than the Dells due to the Baraboo River contributions between here and there).

Below is a recent satellite image from earlier this week at 12kcfs as the river was on the way up. I’ve added arrows to decent camping options. If an arrow has red, it’s one of the safest bets as far as it will always be above water if we’re putting trips out. It wouldn’t hurt to download the full size image and bring it with you or mark these points on your own river map.

Sandbar availability on the Lower Wisconsin River at 13kcfs flow rate conditions