Hot damn!

Conditions are good and getting better. Sandbars are out in large numbers and by Thursday it’ll be more sand than river. The weather is looking phenomenal for being on a river. Highs in the upper 80s (albeit sticky so more like 90s) and a massive high pressure system building so clear sunny skies for dayz.

Wind forecasts are light and out of the east (tailwind) until Sunday (a rare win). I haven’t formalized my rating system but were it a few degrees cooler this coming week would rate as a solid 10 out of 10 (for now, it’s a 9.5). After two months of questionable weather and/or river conditions, this is a welcome turn of events.

Behind the scenes, this stretch of nice weather coincides with the 4th of July week which, while not our busiest rental period of the year, does bring out all of the crazy Karens that didn’t read their confirmation email or the front page of the website (or any other page of the website). This results in the busiest workload of the year. Last week we sent out 878 system emails and another 171 manual emails. We received 279 phone calls and 140 text messages. Most of those were in the last 3 days. All while trying to do our actual jobs, which is get people in their boats and on the water.

If it sounds like I’m complaining about having too many customers, it’s because I am. Most of you all are great, don’t get me wrong. You read your emails, do basic research, and if you need to get in touch, you write quick, actionable messages. When I say that we love having 95% of you all, it’s absolutely true. The other 5%…they seem to really crowd into the next few days, all of which is to say, sorry for our slow response times this week! -Ryan