We have gift certificates (and a free t-shirt)!

wisconsin canoe company t-shirtTis’ the season. Need a gift for someone that’s already looking forward to warmer weather? We have gift certificates! Plus, buy a gift certificate between now and Christmas and we’ll send you a dry fit t-shirt (your choice on whether to gift it or keep it for yourself, I won’t judge).

Get your gift certificate below and when adding a t-shirt use voucher code ‘freeshirt’.

A note on the gift certificates: our system sends them as an attached PDF to the recipient email. If you want to print it out or make it fancy (i.e. something you saw on Pinterest) it’s perfectly fine to list yourself as the recipient email. The gift certs are redeemed online with a code so it can take any physical form you’d like.

Also worth mentioning, because we have variable rates and this is basically like buying someone a plane ticket, it might be worth booking a specific trip (we can always switch the dates later) if you don’t want to say ‘close enough’ with the $50 or $100 option. Either way is fine by us, and we’ll still let you use the free t-shirt coupon.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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