Finally feels like spring!

Reservations are really starting to ramp up.  Currently looks like we’re on track for an above average year based on where our customer numbers have been in prior Aprils. Yay! Now it’s just hopes and dreams for good weather and reasonable water levels.

If anyone wants to get into the weeds for changes this year, read on.

Our rental pricing has had some major changes compared to the past few years – in general:
1) rates for small groups have gone up
2) large groups have gone down
3) weekends (Saturday in particular) have gone up
4) weekdays have gone way down (overnights in particular)
5) 3+ day trips have gone down

Some reservations will see wild swings in both directions due to the changes but the overall average reservation price will be about $10 higher based on previous years which is aiming to cover the post pandemic cost of staffing and gas.  Also, we can’t get more boats.  Or more accurately, the factory now has a 2+ year lead time which pushes last year’s order into 2023 arrival. Fascinating supply chain impacts on the backend but I’m also a logistics guy at heart so maybe not as fascinating to you all.

A secondary goal is to move some of our weekend pressure towards the weekdays which will A) save our canoe lifting backs, and B) spread some of the financial risk of a flooded weekend as climate change continues to affect our area with larger/wetter storms causing higher spikes in water levels.

On a staffing note, expect to see a lot more of Spencer and Grace!  They are in the process of taking over Wisconsin Canoe completely (it’s a years long process so Amy and I won’t be out of the picture completely for a while yet) but it’s mostly their show now.  

See y’all out here soon! -Ryan

Kids on the Wisconsin River