Feels like fall

Update: Water levels will come up a few inches over the weekend.  Not enough to cancel trips but sandbars will be in shorter supply than usual.  Everyone will have a place to camp (there’s only about 14 seperate groups going out) you might just have to share the larger ones.


Our last regularly scheduled weekend of the season is upon us and it’s gonna feel like fall.  Crisp weather with sunny skies and highs in the mid 60s, lows in the 40s – ideal campfire weather.  Water temps are still in the high 60s so while swimming probably isn’t going to be great, you’ll be fine if you accidentally go in.

There is one area I’m keeping a close eye on though.  We recently had a lot of flooding near Labor Day weekend and while the sandbars are back out, the water levels are still slightly elevated above normal levels.  We’ve had a little rain this week and likely one more storm before the weekend.  I don’t expect it to cause any issues (all of the gauges and predictions look fine) but based on our freaky weather patterns this month, it’s always possible things get weird.  If that were to happen, there will be an update within hours of those updated river predictions – but again, as of right now all indicators look good and there’s plenty of places for you to camp out.