Did summer just show up to the party?

Lots of sun this past week and some hot and humid temps to go with it. This has been great for water levels as they continue to come down. We’ve got a small amount of rain in the forecast this week but it shouldn’t really have any impact. Overall, levels are still above normal but there will be sandbars out throughout the week and into the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend – we’re looking at a pretty reasonable one for mid-June. Highs in the middle/upper 70s with good sleeping weather in the 50s. Chance of a passing rainstorm or two on Saturday but total rainfall accumulation is currently less than 1/4″ i.e. mostly dry. Water temps are already above 70 so the swimming isn’t bad either.

Currently, the biggest downside is the swarm of mosquitoes. With an extremely wet spring, who would have thought? Luckily, there’s a near constant breeze on the water so in the main channels during the day you won’t notice them. Once sunset rolls around, be prepared for war. Or build a really good fire. Same goes for any ventures into the woods.