Currently on track to re-open Thursday 6/28

Update: 6/25

Everything below still holds, sandbars should be back ~Thursday.  We’re going to get a little more rain in our immediate area but further north is expected to get significantly less which is overall good news.  We should know definitively by tomorrow (Tuesday) mid-morning.


We’re about a day away from peak river on our stretch but we’re now dropping upstream where it matters.  River predictions have been stable for the past couple days and the forecast is looking mostly sunny and dry across the watershed with only one questionable period next Tuesday.  All of this means we’re on track to re-open next week Thursday 6/28 give or take a day (this could change if anywhere north of us gets an inch or more of rain).

While sandbars will be small right away, with any luck the river will continue to drop to normal summer levels as we get close to July. Keep an eye on the graph below for any forecast changes – these are updated twice a day in times of high water, typically around 9am and 9pm +/- a few hours. We’re aiming to be at or below 13.5′