Choose your own adventure

New updates are out and they look good. Kind of. In a very relative way. The weather forecast also looks to be pretty stable with small passing rain showers totaling less than a 1/4″. We’re just so close to that sandbar availability line that it hurts. So here’s what we’re gonna do: in the interest of safety first we’re canceling Saturday overnight trips by default – BUT – if you’ve done this trip before and know what you’re in for, willing to settle for what qualifies as a sandbar in the loosest sense of the word, likely share that sandbar with new river friends, and generally accept that this will be something of an adventure, we’ll send you out. More details in your email.

Starting Sunday morning and beyond, things are looking much better and I expect we’ll be sending out overnight trips.


Quick update at 1:30pm – we’re looking at another 1.5-2kcfs drop upstream tomorrow morning which would get to us in time for Sunday night trips. We’re currently at 16.5kcfs (down from 17kcfs this morning/last night) in our area. Assuming this goes to plan, it would mean we’re in the clear for Sunday and beyond as levels should settle at or below 15kcfs (our overnight cancellation threshold). Confirmation sometime tomorrow if/when that drop happens.