August 16-18 Weekend Outlook

All in all we’re looking at a fairly decent weekend.  Spotty weather the next day or so here and across the state so we may again see a relatively small rise in water levels over the weekend but there is plenty of room to work with.  As we’re also getting late into the season, demand is starting to fall off and there will be fewer people out here than you’d see in late July or early August so competition for sandbars is relaxing as well.

Weatherwise, it’s looking like we’ll see a few shortwave troughs rolling through over the weekend so every day is looking at a generic 20% chance of storms but unlikely to be anything severe and total rainfall for the weekend is forecast to be well under an inch.  That means, like every weekend, be prepared for the weather but expect the majority of the trip to be great.  Highs in the upper 70s to mid 80s.

And if you’re out this weekend, give a wave to the group of dads and their daughters.  They’ll be hard to miss as there’s almost 60 of them.  As a father of one little lady and soon another, this group is one of my personal favorites this year.