Weekend Update

GOOD NEWS! All that rain didn't seem to effect the river levels too much. The forecast for the foreseeable future looks sunny and warm! Excited to get everyone out on the river this weekend. We'll see you out there.

Weather Outlook and River Levels

Looks like were expected to get anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain throughout tomorrow. Similar forecasts are predicting this amount in northern Wisconsin as well, this can only mean one thing, river levels rising. With the river already at a high level, I expect the river to come up even more going into this weekend. While nothing is for certain, the chance of highwater causing little to no sandbars this weekend is possible. We will continue to monitor the situation through out the week. 

Weekly Weather Outlook

Looks like this week is going to be more on the rainy side. River level is high, and forecasts show more rain coming up north. Looks like high river levels for the majority of this week so sandbars will be scarce. We will keep a close eye on river levels and post more updates throughout the week!

High Water Update

Well, after some sporadic showers we got up north the water level is rising. River levels are expected to jump up overnight. Sandbars will be very scarce and very tough for overnight trips from Saturday through the rest of the weekend.

Weekend Update!

We're looking a tad bit on the rainy and cooler side this weekend. Looks like spring isn't officially done for the river. Possible showers popping up here and there throughout this weekend but nothing severe. If you're heading out this weekend make sure to pack warm clothes! River levels will be coming up slightly through the weekend as well. It ill be high but it shouldn't be to a "no sandbar" level. 

First Weekend Update!

Welcome back Wisconsin Canoers!! We're kicking off our season starting this weekend and we couldn't be more excited to start getting everyone out on the river. Friday seems to be the only day this weekend with some inclement weather conditions. It looks like some decently strong thunderstorms are likely to pop up mid to late afternoon tomorrow starting around 3 or 4pm. Day trips are still looking good but overnight trips may be in for some severe weather. On the bright side, the rest of the weekend and most of next week looks great! The river is still on the higher side but there should still be a good amount of sandbars out there as long as there isn't a dramatic change in river level after the storms on Friday. So far there isn't a predicted rise but we'll keep an eye on it.