Weekend Outlook

Well, after the good early spring stretch of low water levels they are starting to rise. We're getting close to the very limited sandbar threshold for this weekend. Luckily it looks as if the level will remain just under that limit until Sunday when it will start to go down. There will be less sandbars to choose from, but there should still be places to set up camp. Weather wise, Saturday and Sunday are looking to be warm and sunny days on the river, but it will be chilly at night. We're expecting a little rain on Friday and some colder weather. Overall if you want to get on the river this weekend, be prepared for some high water and don't be too picky with your sandbar choice. 

Weekend Outlook

Water levels continue to look great for early spring! While we've got some rain in the forecast we'll have to watch out for, this coming weekend will have tons of sandbars and very few people to take advantage of them.  Weather looks reasonable with highs in the 80s and smaller chances of scattered rain, maybe a popup storm Sunday afternoon.  All in all, not half bad!

Opening Weekend

Here we go! The first weekend is looking a little cloudy with slight chance of showers but otherwise not bad with temps in the upper 60s and great water levels!

Opening day is less than two weeks away!

This is looking like one of the better starts we've had to the year in quite some time.  If the 10 day forecast is to be believed, weather statewide is gonna be mostly sunny and dry which means lots of sandbars to camp on for the foreseeable future.  Granted, at this time of year, it only takes one or two good storms for that to change but for now, I'll take it.  

Another reason we're particularly optimistic about this year, we're nearing the light at the end of the Covid tunnel.  For us in particular, April reservations are up 1,887% over last year (that's a real number).

See you soon!