Summer is coming!

Based on the increased reservations coming in, looks like people are starting to wake from their Covid induced winter hideaways!  I'm with you on this one - with three toddlers bouncing off the walls and their progressively louder and more persistent whining about...well, everything, a summer outside can't come soon enough.  

We're in really good shape for this coming season.  All of our staff signed up for another year plus we've got a couple new additions that I'm looking forward to working with.  We finally got our updated canoes in from the factory after a months long delay in production.  And maybe most importantly, there's light at the end of the Covid tunnel.  

I'm still working out how we're going to transition out of last year's Covid restrictions (mandatory pre-drops of gear and passengers, shuttling only the drivers and buses at 50% capacity).  Assume masks will still be required but maybe we'll ease up on the driver's only requirement.  I don't know - we've got a couple months yet so we'll see where the percentage of vaccinated people ends up and what guidance comes out for transportation companies.