Month: September 2020

  • 2020 Season Recap

    That’s it for us in 2020! Certainly a weird year with Covid acting as a 3rd wrench (after weather and water) but everything generally went about as well as could be hoped for. We struggled with water levels just about every other week as a large storm would come through the watershed just as the…

  • Last weekend of our season!

    We’re down to the last few days of our season. While there is still plenty of good paddling weather left in the fall, this is generally the last week it makes sense for us to be open as most people have moved on to fall activities (sandbar trips don’t typically make that cold weather list).…

  • Heading for the finish line

  • Labor Day Weekend

    Water levels are looking good! Weather is looking mostly good! Sounds like we might get 3/10ths an inch of rain early Sunday morning and a little headwind to go with it later in the day but can’t complain about sunny and 80s the rest of the weekend!