Need some social distance?

What a weird way to kick off the year.  While we've all been affected, it's been particularly unnerving from our side as I've watched web traffic remain 70% below normal, and not a single new reservation since early March - which I should mention is totally understandable and expected, Wisconsin Canoe Company is not essential.  We also have the benefit of being a month away from when we would normally start our season so I'm not panicking yet.

At the moment, we're optimistic about a Memorial Day Weekend opening (these dates are bookable on the reservation page) but if the shutdowns and lack of demand push beyond May, we'll readjust to open later in June (updates to the system and front page of the website if/when that happens).

If, despite all of the unknowns, or maybe because of them, you're itching to spend a little time disconnected from the world on a sandbar this summer, we would love to see your reservation come in.  Trips are fully refundeable at any time and you'll still get 15% off using the code "SOCIALDISTANCE".

Stay sane!
Ryan (+Amy, Norah, Finn, & Inga)

PS: Anyone planning to run their own trip on the Wisconsin River over the next month or two should double check to see which access points are still available for use.  The WI DNR has closed all of their parks, natural areas, and access points connected to the river while a handful of private and municipal landings remain available (required paddling distances will be significantly further than normal).