Need some social distance?

As long as the weather is miserable and we're all quarantined, (hopefully) working from home, maybe have some kids bouncing off the walls, I figured we might encourage thoughts of warm sunny days on your own personal sandbar.  We rarely (and by rarely I think once in the last 7 years?) have coupon codes but given the circumstances...well, here we are.  So, for the next few weeks, book any trip using the coupon code "SOCIALDISTANCE" and get 15% off.

 Now go wash your hands.                         -Ryan

Behind the Boats

Ever wonder what life is like running a canoe company? Some people do. I've gotten questions ranging from "How many times have you been to the Boundary Waters?" (one) to "What do you do in the Winter?" (it depends) and my personal favorite "You must love paddling" (paddling is #4 on the list).