Greetings from a sandbar!

Out on the river for Norah's first canoe camping trip of the season but I promised a quick update on water levels this weekend - they're gonna be great! As is the weather. We didn't get as much rain as feared and there's been no real spike in levels so I'm very confident sandbars will be in good shape. Even the mosquitoes are finally dying down (I'm living proof as I type this). See you all this weekend! Ryan

An update for the sake of an update

Weather wise we're looking pretty great for this coming weekend. Mostly sunny Friday through Sunday with temps in the low 80s and only a chance of rain overnight Saturday. I'll be watching water levels pretty closely to see how they respond to the remnants of Alberto making their way straight up the middle of the river valley today. So far rain totals have been manageable in the southern half of the state but the northern stuff could be tricky as rainfall amounts are projected up to 2" which could reach us sometime Sunday +/- a day. With the lack of rain in that area over the past two weeks and a fair amount of room to rise before we're underwater, we're not in dire straights but it's something to watch. I.e. expect another update late Thursday. -Ryan

Memorial Day Weekend is looking nice. Real nice.

Water levels came down last weekend and have stayed within reasonable levels - a far cry from where we were last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. Aaaand the year before that.  This year they'll likely stay in the 10kcfs range (which is very near the 100 year average) so sandbars will be pretty widely available. Since it's Memorial Day Weekend there will be storms, as is tradition. But, they're isolated (i.e. those annoying ones that pop up here and there but mostly harmless) and the total rain from Saturday through Monday is currently estimated at .05" with both Saturday and Monday mostly sunny. Add to that, temperatures will top out in the very high 80s all weekend. All in all, it's gonna be good. But bring a rain coat. -Ryan

Sandbars are out!

Right this minute sandbars are peeking out and in another 48 hours it'll be regular springtime conditions! Of course spring typically involves rain and it looks like we'll get a little of it Saturday night.  That said, it won't be enough to effect water levels for the weekend and temps are in the high 70s/low 80s until Sunday so all trips are on. Ryan

We should be open this weekend!

Things are looking up for this coming weekend! All of the rain we've gotten over the past week looks to be making it's way through the system and the week of relatively dry weather ahead means sandbars should be popping out just in time for Friday/Saturday trips.  While the forecast currently calls for some rain overnight Saturday, we're too far out to take it seriously but at least the temps are touching 80 degrees all week!