Canoe Camping for the First Time

As winter starts to fade, I've been getting a lot of questions from people that have never tried canoe camping before.  While it sounds kind of exotic, like an extreme sport of sorts, it's surprisingly accessible. If you've got basic car camping gear, you can canoe camp (we help with the canoe).  We've got a whole page on canoe camping for beginners, check it out if you think you want to camp out on the closest thing to a tropical island in the Midwest. For all of you old pros, see you out here! Ryan

Spring Warm Up

In the interest of full disclosure, we're currently expecting ~5" of snow tomorrow, BUT, these past few days have had great weather. The first nice weekend of spring (because meteorological winter ended 4 days ago) is my 2nd favorite part of the offseason (tax season is first, don't ask) because the reservations start trickling in. And because I can breathe easier when I look at our dwindling savings account. Nothing like a shot of sun and above freezing temps to remind everyone that summer is coming! -Ryan