Shuttle Only


Due to a noticeable rise in problem patrons associated with private transports, we are considering an end to this service for new customers.  Private transports are a very small part of our business that we've kept around mostly for the sake of giving people a low cost option to get on the river.  Borrow a couple canoes from friends and you can take an overnight canoe trip with 10 people for less than $5/person.  

Our shuttle rate is based on our cost of sending one bus to a given landing (about $2.25/mile in expenses - driver, insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc) but a rising number of complaints from those who will do anything to save an extra dollar are causing us to seriously rethink this option.  Dropping off a boat ahead of time does not make it any less expensive for us to bus someone back to the landing if it's the only person on the shuttle (happens more than you'd think).  There are only 1 or 2 other companies left that still offer private transports. If the price and transport options aren't acceptable, I strongly recommend you try another outfitter before complaining to our staff.

For now, if you're able to see the Private Transport tab on the reservations page, we're still offering them to the general public.  If you no longer see the Private Transport tab and you're a prior customer, email us your booking ID# from a previous trip and we'll get you in the system.


Wisconsin Canoe Company shuttle bus

We offer up to 5 spaces per day for private boat transport on our regular shuttle route.  This would typically be from Spring Green to Arena for a day trip or Spring Green to Arena, Mazomanie, or Prairie Du Sac for an overnight.

Your vehicle will be parked at the Peck's Landing canoe launch in Spring Green while you, your equipment, and boats are loaded onto the shuttle for the ride upriver.  Transportation costs for the first boat are up to $2.50/river mile with price breaks for each additional boat we'll be shuttling.

Check out the 'Transport Only' tab on our reservation page to see exactly how much your shuttle would cost for the day and number of boats you want to shuttle.  Please note that if 2 kayaks can be nested on a single trailer berth, this counts as 1 boat.

If you need transportation on a different section of the river, you may want to contact Blackhawk River Runs in Mazomanie or WI River Outings downriver in Boscobel.  These are the only other outfitters on the river that will provide shuttle transport for private boats.

Some people choose to drop off their boats, gear, and passengers ahead of time at the starting point.  This is fine but the minimum rate of 1 boat still applies if you want a guaranteed ride. 

If this sounds like what you're looking for, here's what you should do:
Decide on a shuttle departure - Find a departure time from Spring Green that works best for you.  Shuttles leave at 8am, 10am, 12pm, or 2pm.
Reserve your space - We take our reservations through an automated online booking system.  To reserve online, select the date for your trip.  Choose the 'Transport Only' tab and select the appropriate trip length to adjust how many slots you will need on the trailer.  Adjusting the quantity will give you the exact transport rate after group discounts.  We require reservations to be made about 36 hours in advance (the system cuts off at 11:59pm Thursday for a Saturday departure) so don't wait until the last minute to confirm your trip.
Provide your information - When checking out, we'll ask for an email address to send trip details and confirmation.  We'll also ask for a cell number that will only be used to contact you on the day of your reservation if conditions change unexpectedly.  You will need to choose your trip and associated shuttle departure.  If you have any questions, clarifications, or are bringing small children or pets, please leave this information in the 'notes' section. After your payment is completed, you'll receive an emailed booking confirmation with all of the details of your trip as well as a reminder a few days before departure.
On the day of your reservation - Plan to arrive at the Peck's Landing (Hwy 23@WI River) canoe launch at least 15-20 minutes before your shuttle departure.  Your vehicle will remain here and everything will be loaded onto the shuttle.  Shuttles leave exactly when scheduled (earlier if everyone with a reservation arrives early) and will not wait for stragglers (stragglers will be put on the next available shuttle and be responsible for the $2.50/rivermile shuttle fee).  After arriving at your launch point, your gear will be unloaded and you'll begin your trip downstream back to your vehicle. 
Enjoy the trip! - Because your vehicle is waiting at the end, you'll be able to pack up and leave as soon as you arrive, there is no set time you'll need to finish and no need to contact us. 
If you still have more quesitons, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.