Shuttling 'Drivers Only'

Dropping off gear on the Wisconsin RiverBeginning with the 2013 season, Wisconsin Canoe now recommends groups of 6 or more people drive to their trip start point first to drop off all passengers and gear.  From there, the drivers only will continue on to Spring Green where cars will be parked at the finish point and Wisconsin Canoe will shuttle them back upriver to the waiting group.

In our experience, the extra 15 minutes of driving to the start point is more than made up for by the faster shuttle times because drivers are able to park and immediately jump in our vehicles and get back to start the trip rather than wait for everyone to unload and reload their gear.  The downside is that your passengers waiting at the landing may not want to sit around waiting.  Even though it's about the same amount of time, it does feel longer when you're just sitting.

And because everyone asks - yes, you are allowed to crack open your beers and pull out the camp chairs while waiting at landings.

Directions for your trip ("B" on the map is your passenger drop off landing, driver parking area is "C") are provided through links to Google Maps below.   Just enter your own address in Point A to get exact directions of where'll you'll need to go.  Extra driving time to drop off assumes travelling to Spring Green via Madison (Hwy 12/14).  Plan to be in Spring Green at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Cell service can be spotty - please print these directions off ahead of time!

Arena (Arena Canoe Launch) to Spring Green (10 river miles) - Adds 12 minutes to drive time.

Mazomanie (Town of Mazo Boat Launch) to Spring Green (18 river miles) - Adds 14 minutes to drive time.

Prairie Du Sac (Veteran's Park Campground) to Spring Green (25 river miles) - Adds 19 minutes to drive time.