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We get quite a few people that consider themselves old pros when it comes to canoeing or kayaking the Wisconsin River (whether or not some of these people have any real knowledge is debatable, but that's another story).  However, we understand that being well prepared for your trip is never a bad thing, so we've put together some of our best resources to make sure you set off on the right foot, whether you think you're an expert or you're perfectly happy to admit this is your first time.

For the "Never Been Boating" crowd:

Picking up a paddle and learning by doing will certainly get you down the river.  You may not be the most efficient paddler, but you'll get where you're going.  The videos below will give you some solid pointers if you're a little worried.

First time on the Wisconsin River:

The Lower Wisconsin is 98% sand and only about 5 feet deep on average.  In fact, you can walk across most of it.  There are safety concerns to be aware of, but keep in mind that tens of thousands of people head out on the river every summer.  The links below should tell you everything you need to know about paddling the Wisconsin River:

Trip Planning Resources:

You're ready to start planning out your trip!  The links below will give you a good idea of what you should pack, what kinds of food you can make, and what kind of river/weather conditions you can expect.

You're all set!  But if for some reason you still have a question or aren't quite sure of something, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.