Why We're the Best

Sand volleyball on WI River sandbar

It's easy to say the Wisconsin Canoe Company is the best outfitter on the Wisconsin River so rather than expect you to take our word for it, here's what makes it true:

  • The Best Customer Service - We're all recent college graduates living the dream and avoiding the real world.  We're passionate about the outdoors and sharing the outdoor experience.  What does that mean for you?  It means that if we want to keep doing what we're doing, we have to do everything in our power to make sure your trip rocks by ensuring you have the right gear, the right preparation, and the right attitude. And if an issue does arise, anyone at the Wisconsin Canoe Company has the authority to correct the situation.  
  • The Best Atmosphere - We're out on the water having fun, same as our customers, which means we tend to be very laid back and approachable.  If you have a question or you're unsure of something, we'll help and probably won't even judge you.
  • The Best Equipment - Our entire fleet of 100 high quality Discovery canoes and Manitou kayaks are new since 2012.  These extremely durable boats are made of a heavy duty polyethelene composite that is very quiet, doesn't heat up in the sun like the standard aluminum boats almost every other outfitter uses, and as a bonus, our canoes and kayaks have built-in backrests available. We also provide every customer with comfortable, ski-style lifevests and outfitter grade paddles.
  • The Best Shuttle System - Your car is parked at the take out point and we transport you upriver at the beginning of your trip.  That way, there's no need to keep an eye on the clock and racing to catch your shuttle (or worse, sitting around and waiting hours for it), only to be packed into a bus full of sweaty, sandy people for a long ride back to your car.  Instead, when you go with us, you're free to canoe the river at your own pace, and because your car is already at the end waiting for you, there's no need to wait around.  You just load up the car and go straight for the shower while we make the rounds to pick up your equipment.
  • The Best Guarantee - You're planning a trip. Putting money down. Taking time off. Bringing friends from out of town.  You're putting a lot of effort into this trip.  When you make your reservation with us, you have a 130% guarantee that every single canoe or kayak you've reserved will be ready and waiting for you on the shuttle you've chosen for the days you've reserved (that's why they call it a reservation right?). On the very small chance we screw up, you will get 130% of the cost of your missing items back (for the math illiterate - yes, that is a full refund AND we pay you 30% for the hassle).  Plus, we keep a few extra canoes (admittedly not the nicest ones) out of inventory so you'll get to continue your trip anyway.
  • The Best Pet Policy - Bring your dog or even your cat.  As long as your pet plays well with others, we're more than happy to load them into the bus and get them on the water. Have you ever seen a leash free dog with its own island to go nuts on?  They will literally love you for it.
  • The Best Communication - Your entire reservation can be completed online.  And when that's not enough, we are always available via phone, email, text message, and facebook - even twitter if that's your thing (but really, please don't use twitter).  You can also check our current (literally up to the second) inventory when planning your trip and track hourly changes in river conditions and compare it to the previous three weeks.

Still not convinced? Weird.